Transfers & Restoration


Advances in technology have pushed to make all things digital in recent years. However, at Wired Masters we are able to accommodate for a number of legacy production formats. These include ¼” and ½” analogue tape (along with a tape baking oven), 1630 Umatic, DAT, vinyl and even the trusty cassette of yesteryear. Our Studer A820 tape machine, in pristine condition, is regularly serviced and has been utilised to re-master hundreds of classic albums over the years including works by Black Sabbath, Free and Thin Lizzy.


At the start of our vinyl restoration service we employ a Lorimar vinyl cleaner, universally acknowledged by audiophiles as the leading mechanical vinyl cleaner. Once the vinyl is clean we can transfer the audio either flat, or through a combination of the studio’s outboard processors and be captured at up to 24 bit / 96 kHz. Each of the three studios are equipped with the latest restoration / no noise software, including Cedar and iZotope RX, to ensure the captured audio is devoid of any clicks, crackle, thumps and surface noise.


Whether simply archiving tapes for hi resolution audio or embarking on a full no noising / re-mastering project, Wired Masters have the studios and technical expertise to get the job done.


Stereo Mastering

Excellent studios equipped with a wide range of analogue and digital processing for stereo mastering of all audio formats.

Stem Mastering

Specialists in creative stem mastering techniques. Expert staff, monitoring and equipment set the benchmark for stem mastering.

Transfers and Restoration

With our large selection of playback devices we can cater for legacy production formats such as analogue tape, 1630 Umatic and vinyl.

Custom Services

From mix albums and mini mixes to radio edits and timecoded production parts we cater for all of your production requirements.


Fully equipped analogue & digital mastering studios