Stereo Mastering


Single and album mastering from any format (¼”, ½”, 1630, DAT, CD or data files – at any sample rate)


We welcome both attended and unattended sessions. We charge flat rates for unattended mastering or by the hour for attended sessions.


Our studios can comfortably accommodate 4 – 5 people in addition to an engineer. We have a large reception area for those wishing to attend the session but continue with meetings, emails and phone calls.


Masters can be provided as individual .wavs or as Red Book CD Masters on either CD, or DVD. We can also provide DDP image files for direct upload.


Mastered for iTunes


We are fully accredited with Apple and officially recognised as an approved supplier for their “Mastered for iTunes” initiative. All of our studios are equipped with the “Sonnox Fraunhoffer Pro Codec” which allow us to hear, real time, Apple’s AAC codec and make adjustments to the masters accordingly.

We don’t just “drop the level” to conform to Apple’s MFiT protocol. To make our MFiT masters we optimise the actual audio to ensure the best possible results for final encoding….. “Music as the artist and sound engineer intended”.

Wired Masters - London Based Mastering Studios


Stereo Mastering

Excellent studios equipped with a wide range of analogue and digital processing for stereo mastering of all audio formats.

Stem Mastering

Specialists in creative stem mastering techniques. Expert staff, monitoring and equipment set the benchmark for stem mastering.

Transfers & Restoration

With our large selection of playback devices we can cater for legacy production formats such as analogue tape, 1630 Umatic and vinyl.

Custom Services

From mix albums and mini mixes to radio edits and timecoded production parts we cater for all of your production requirements.


Fully equipped analogue & digital mastering studios