Stem Mastering


We provide, what we like to think of as, a creative stem mixing service. By this we mean that, if necessary, we do much more than simply balancing the levels and EQ’ing each individual stem. We are not averse to replacing sounds if we believe we can find a more appropriate one. A kick drum is a prime example of this. In short, we’ll do whatever it takes to maximise the potential of your mix.


We encourage a dialogue with our clients so that they can help us to help them. We always ask our clients to send us a pre-master of their mix so that we can identify any problem areas prior to the session. Vast improvements to the mix can be achieved with 4 or 5 stems and an hour or so of studio time. The result is far superior to anything that could be achieved with normal stereo mastering.


Additionally, if budget allows, we can go into much more detail and offer what is more akin to a full mix down service. A typical stem mix can take anywhere between 1 – 4 hours depending on the number of stems, the quality of the initial mix and whether any additional production is required (swapping out drum sounds / re-editing sections / adding additional sound effects etc.)


Stereo Mastering

Excellent studios equipped with a wide range of analogue and digital processing for stereo mastering of all audio formats.

Stem Mastering

Specialists in creative stem mastering techniques. Expert staff, monitoring and equipment set the benchmark for stem mastering.

Transfers & Restoration

With our large selection of playback devices we can cater for legacy production formats such as analogue tape, 1630 Umatic and vinyl.

Custom Services

From mix albums and mini mixes to radio edits and timecoded production parts we cater for all of your production requirements.


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