Custom Services


At Wired Masters we think outside the box when it comes to post production. We feel that we can cater for individual needs and have the experience to deliver solutions that are far from the norm. Over the years we have been called in to help on projects that far surpass the realms of your standard mastering studio. Here are a few examples of additional services that we can provide:


DJ Mixes : We can master your pre-existing DJ mix and provide mastered .wav files or fully PQ’d CD Masters on CD, DVD or as DDP image files.
Alternatively we can provide a mixed album from any audio files provided. We have an enormous amount of experience mixing albums for artists and labels. Kevin and Cass have mixed countless gold and platinum selling compilation albums.


Radio Edits / Extended Mixes : Whether from stereo source files or stems, we can follow your guidelines and ideas for a radio edit or alternatively create one as we see fit. Conversely when working from stems we have, on many occasions, created extended versions for DJs from pre-existing radio edits.


Mini Mixes : We have created many mini mixes on behalf of artists for radio shows (eg. Annie Mac’s mini mix series) and also for promotional needs. If you need 20 tracks, beautifully edited / mixed and segued in to 5 minutes……we can do this for you.


Please contact Anna Maria to discuss any special projects or additional requirements you may have.


Stereo Mastering

Excellent studios equipped with a wide range of analogue and digital processing for stereo mastering of all audio formats.

Stem Mastering

Specialists in creative stem mastering techniques. Expert staff, monitoring and equipment set the benchmark for stem mastering.

Transfers & Restoration

With our large selection of playback devices we can cater for legacy production formats such as analogue tape, 1630 Umatic and vinyl.

Custom Services

From mix albums and mini mixes to radio edits and timecoded production parts we cater for all of your production requirements.


Fully equipped analogue & digital mastering studios